Linkedin, Listen Up by Ron Steinman


LinkedIn, Listen Up by Ron Steinman

In planning this piece, I thought of several other titles, such as:

“Now Here This, LinkedIn.” Or, “LinkedIn, You Got to be Kidding.” Maybe: “LinkedIn, You Can’t be Serious.”

I joined Linkedin not to find work but to get a glimpse of what some of my old colleagues or even my contemporaries, whatever age they may be, were up to in the rapidly changing life we lead. I did not join the social media site to get a job, or to seek employment. Nevertheless, job openings come my way.

Now and then I cross-pollinate, meaning when I post on one site I post on many sites. When I blog, I automatically post on Facebook, though of all the social media sites I, abhor it the most for it is so obsequious, fawning, sycophantic and self-serving. I also sometimes post intentionally on Linkedin. I call myself a slow blogger because I almost never post on consecutive days and sometimes do not post for weeks. It takes too much effort and too much energy. And I wonder if anyone really cares.

I will not name the companies that are offering the jobs I will now cite because I want to protect the innocent. They don’t know me from a speck of dust. Yes, an algorithm is at work. I feel sure that a real person would know better and, knowing who I am, knowing my profile, background, and age and that I’ve spent my life in broadcast news and as a documentary filmmaker, would not make the following offers. But I am not certain. Anyway, here are some of the positions LinkedIn believes are for me collected over several months. By the way, the best offers are the ones that say, “Positions you may be interested in.” Here goes in no special order.

Designer. Sr. Development editor. Content producer. Sr. writer sports and/or money. Sr. web editor. Head of copy and editorial. Line producer. Intern. Intern. Intern. Communications executive. Staff writer. Among the big names offering jobs there was NBC Universal, Getty Images, Facebook, A+E, Sirius Radio and the Wall Street Journal. It makes me feel wanted.

I am sure that Linkedin helps many people connect and secure jobs. But for me, it is irrelevant. On Facebook, even though I have to tolerate much that is cute and filled with petty, overbearing philosophy and opinion about everything, I do not have to or want to suffer the endless round of silly and always useless job opportunities on Linkedin that I do not covet.

So, maybe I should smile just a bit and, in the end, blame it all on robots. I mean, why not because at least for now who else lacks the depth of feeling of a person but a robot. I think.


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