Cellphone Takeover by Ron Steinman

Now comes a story that the youth of America (and probably everywhere) are more addicted to their cell phones than they are to known drugs such as opiates, alcohol, other hard stuff such heroin and cocaine and marijuana. The stories postulate that addiction to smartphones replaces those and other drugs not mentioned. The theory reads as if an academic has run amuck, written by a person who does not have enough to do. This falls into the realm that all things are possible but only when dreaming.
More people than ever, especially the young use their phones to connect to reality or what they assume is the world as they think it is as if it belongs only to them. That is nothing new. People now forgo personal connection, one on one, for what they get through social media where everyone is an open book.It is not personal. It is not connected to what is real. Instead, distanced by clicking on a keyboard via texting rather than looking in someone’s eyes to ascertain what is true or not. In searching for whatever it​ is people are looking for, they talk and talk, sadly without losing their voice.They use thumbs to text because their fingers never seem to wear out. Do other fingers work as well or does it not matter. Do folk these days have that much more to say than they did, say twenty or thirty years ago before the over-reliance on mobile phones? Or are people today so lonely and distressed they seek solace and sun — or darkness, if that is what they want — wherever they can find it? In the time when there were pay phones​ on every corner, I do not remember that people talked as much as they now do. Maybe they did not have a nickel for the phone or whatever it cost in each era to make a call.I know​ that in my family that every nickel, dime or quarter counted and the calls we made on the telephone for real money had better been made for good reason or we might suffer the​ consequences, depending on the mood of our parents.Today that no longer matters. Thus there are no penalties for the misuse​ or overuse of a phone.At least none are visible.There is simply avoidance because it seems​ to me that reality as once​ defined, is no more.


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