Hail, Hail Mobile by Ron Steinman

Hail, Hail Mobile by Ron Steinman

Word on the digital street is that AT&T, if its takeover of Time Warner goes through, wants all, not some, yes, all video to exist only on mobile devices. If true and that comes to pass, to help the visually challenged, which is most of us who wear glasses, AT&T should provide all mobile users with magnifying glasses to help them see clearly what is on the tiny screen. I do not look forward to that happening. I grew up when TV screens were no bigger than some smart phones currently in use. Seeing movies in a theater on a big screen was a delight. When movies grew in size and became huge, the experience was even better. I could see faces, expressions, depths, passion, joy, sadness, and vistas that sang with beauty. Today, I refuse to watch any video on a smart phone screen. To view a movie or TV show that way is unappealing. Watching a sporting event on the small screen is even worse, especially if the event is a football or basketball game. Following a baseball pitch on the small screen is nearly impossible. It is horrible to watch and an insult to the sport. Advertisements are worse, because they are barely readable. Those created for mobile are a waste of time but I trust the ad business will figure out how to best get your attention on the tiniest of screens. But none of this matters, not really. Just as well that AT&T does not include me in its demographics. It is not where I want to be anyway.


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