Fly Me to Mars. Sure by Ron Steinman

Fly Me to Mars. Sure.

Elon Musk of Pay Pal and Tesla fame, wants to fly to Mars. This brilliant, innovative, highly creative man says he is building a huge (and it better be big) rocket that will take those who can afford perhaps as much as a half million dollars a ticket for the journey. Once there, if they get that far, they will attempt to colonize Mars and make it habitable in an effort to save humanity from itself. Fat chance of that succeeding. I am something of a devotee of science fiction so I admire Mr. Musk’s vision, but put that aside for the moment. Consider where you, Mr. Musk can better use the multi-billions for the trip, right here on good old Earth, a place whose infrastructure is seriously in trouble. We live on a plant that is literally falling to pieces, from global warming, to rutted roads, rotting bridges and collapsing tunnels. With those in dire shape, there is no place for us to go but up because we are so deeply already in a bottomless trench. Mr. Musk, without my being frivolous, your idea is good fun but useless in terms of its affect on our immediate lives. But clearly, that is not how you think. Your creativity is usually at a fever pitch and has nothing to do with practicality. Your guiding principle should be how much more you could do if only you looked to the ground instead of the stars.


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