Latest Editions of my Books by Ron Steinman

Most of my books are still available at very low prices on the usual internet web sites.Here are the titles and where you can find them.

“The Soldiers’Story: An Illustrated Edition,” newly published in a large format, hard cover with much new written material, beautifully illustrated with more than 400 photos, graphics and maps. In book stores, also on Amazon, at Barnes&Noble and many other platforms as an e-book.

“The original edition of “The Soldiers’ Story” in hard cover from Sterling Publishers at Barnes&Noble book stores and as an e-book online. Considered one of the best oral histories of the Vietnam War told in the words of the men who were in the war.

“Women in Vietnam.” An oral history in sixteen stories in their own words from American women who were in Vietnam during the war. An Nook e-book online at Barnes&Noble.

“A Saigon Journal:Inside Television’s First War.” A new, updated edition from KCM Publishing as an e-book and hardback on demand. Also on Amazon and Barnes&Noble, it includes much previously unpublished material.It is my memoir of the Vietnam War about my time as bureau chief for NBC News.It is the only book from the Vietnam War by a television bureau chief.

“Death in Saigon,” is an adventure/mystery novel set in Saigon during the Vietnam War.Only available as a Nook Book from Barnes&Noble, Coming soon with the same central character as “Death in Saigon”: “Death in Manila.”

“Notebooks” is my coming of age memoir. Vivid. Moving. Strong. Only available as a Nook Book from Barnes&Noble.

“Survival Manual: A Memoir of Near Death, Illness and Survival.” A tough minded, no holds barred, powerful autobiography and memoir of a life in journalism that changes when illness forces its way into my life and nearly kills me. Available as an e-bookat, Barnes&Noble as a Nook Book and on other platforms.

Thanks for reading.


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