Campaigning: Day 1 by Ron Steinman

Campaigning: Day 1 by Ron Steinman

There is much to tire a person during this too long campaign for president. For starters, I am tired of the Day 1 in the Oval Office syndrome. It seems when a candidate opens his or her mouth in an attempt to show the voter he or she is sincere and will exercise the power they believe comes with the presidency, they always refer to that so-called sacred first day in office. The candidate says that he or she will change this or that, that they will get rid of one law or another and they will certainly overturn any lingering executive orders, those if the new president is a Republican who unseated a Democrat, in this instance, Barak Obama. Do candidates really believe the electorate is so dumb to believe a new president has the power to do what he or she wants? Maybe that is the case for many voters. Sorry to discourage you of that notion. But wake up. The president rarely has the power to do what he wants without the consent of or agreement with Congress. Worse is, that for whatever reason, be it laziness or ignorance, the press is complicit is the silly use of Day 1, never questioning the candidates, never doubting the reality of what a candidate so blithely claims. My feeling is that the only thing a new president can and should do on his or her first day in the White House is to find the quickest path to the bathroom.


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