Brian Williams: Thoughts

Once again, the so-called critics and television reviewers, media critics and the like miss what really might be going on with Brian Williams. I speak from long experience as a network producer and bureau chief. No anchor travels alone. He is never out of sight of his handlers. These consist of, depending on the story and the location, producers, writers, a camera crew of two, if not two crews, a unit manager, gophers, drivers, sometimes even an executive from headquarters. No report should ever go out from the field without it being read by the producer in the field. To think that Mr. Williams made things up and broadcast his fancies or fantasies without anyone with him knowing the truth is beyond reason. If he reported the way he did in Iraq and NBC’s investigation shows he engaged in similar false reporting on other stories, his team had to know what was going on. If his traveling team either ignored what he said or went along with him knowing he had massaged the truth, it would be complicit in the lie he told. They then committed journalisms worst sin, telling a lie as enablers who were probably afraid to question the anchor out of fear of his power.


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